By Eric Friend

2 Week Group Trip to the Mountains of Pakistan!

Join me on October 15 - 27th, 2024 in Pakistan for the trip of your lifetime! Everything you need to know is in this post including reserving one of the limited spots, so don't wait. Can't wait to explore one of the most epic countries in the entire world.

Table of Contents:

  1. Overview
  2. Day by Day Itinerary
  3. Ideal Candidate
  4. Cost Breakdown
  5. Reserve a spot
  6. FAQ’s



It’s happening! I’m hosting a trip with Pakistan adventure travel specialists who has been running tours in Pakistan since 2016. They know the best places to go, the culture, the food, and I can’t wait to explore this incredible country. 

Some fun facts about why Pakistan! 

1 – Pakistan has the highest concentration of high altitude peaks in the world, making it a mecca for trekking. Cerulean blue lakes, star studded skies at night and remote wilderness are unparalleled

2 – Food and Pakistani hospitality are world renowned. Guests to the country are treated like royalty and the food is recognised as some of the most diverse around the globe 

3 – Pakistan is rich in history, ethnicities and the arts. Everywhere you look is filled with colour, smells, ancient history and a flurry of languages.

Trip Itinerary

Day by Day

Day 1 – Arrive Lahore, wagha Border ceremony
Day 2 – Lahore Fort, Moghul Mosques
Day 3 – Flight to Gilgit, Fairy Meadows Trek
Day 4 – Beyal Camp, Nanga Parbat base
Day 5 – Karimabad Bazaar
Day 6 – Trek to Hapakun Camp
Day 7 – Rakaposhi Base Camp + Eagles Nest
Day 8 – Gulkin Homestay, Attabad Lake
Day 9 – Ghulkin Black Glacier + Borith Lake
Day 10 – Passu Bridge and Bascochi Trek
Day 11 – Travel to Naran
Day 12 – Faizal Mosque, Lahore
Day 13 – Depart Pakista

If you know me, you know I’m a Travel Photographer so I always hope to see the most photogenic places. There are some locations that we won’t be able to see during sunrise or sunset but we will work to try to catch some good light in as many places as possible. A lot of the sunrises will be optional if that’s not your thing 😀  

This itinerary is full of what we will doing but keep in mind that there may be slight adjustment as we get closer. I’m looking to add in a couple more spots in the area that also look incredible.

Interested in joining? Fill out this form to be the first notified when booking becomes available. 

Day 1 - Lahore

Begin your journey in Lahore as you arrive in the bustling city. Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere as you make your way to the Wagah Border ceremony.

Witness the awe-inspiring spectacle that awaits you—an enchanting display of patriotism and camaraderie. As the sun begins to set, the flags of India and Pakistan are ceremonially lowered with precision and grace.

The sound of the marching soldiers, the vibrant colors, and the palpable energy of the crowd create an unforgettable experience.

Day 2 - Lahore

After a hearty traditional Pakistani breakfast we set off to explore the cultural capital of Pakistan once more. We will descend on the historical Lahore Fort and learn about the luxurious rulers that once prevailed there.

 Thereafter we will make our way to the Badshahi Mosque and marvel at the 400 year old Moghul wonder of architecture before we have a lunch with a birdseye view of it from above. 

Our bellies full, we will make our way to the Capital city of Islamabad in preparation of our journey to the Northern Areas.

Day 3 - Fly Gilgit / Fairy Meadows

Embark on an unforgettable adventure as you board a flight over snow capped peaks to Gilgit, where your journey to Fairy Meadows begins.

The only way there is an adrenaline fueled 4×4 ride on one of the worlds more deadly roads. Fear not, our drivers are pros! Fairy Meadows, nestled at the foot of the majestic Nanga Parbat—the ninth highest mountain in the world is enchanting. Our Jeeps can only go so far, so we trek the rest of the way on foot. The sheer magnificence of Nanga Parbat looms ever gradually into view, its snow-capped peaks glistening in the sunlight.

Day 4 - Fairy Meadows

Enjoy waking up in the surreal mountain paradise of Fairy Meadows before heading to the renowned Beyal Camp for chai, a haven for trekkers venturing to conquer Nanga Parbat. Afterwards we will edge onwards to Nanga Parbat Basecamp viewpoint. The immensity of the mountain and the breathtaking vistas that stretch before you leave you speechless. 

Take a moment to soak in the serene ambiance, before we head back for a delicious lunch of local cuisine ahead of gathering around the campfire to stay warm and tuck in to our log cabins for the night!

Day 5 - Karimabad

What goes up must come down and so we make our way down from Fairy Meadows and travel onwards towards Karimabad. Here you can enjoy the bustling bazaar and grab yourself some precious gem stones, local crafts and enjoy a coffee with a stunning view over the valleys.

Weave through the winding streets and meet the friendly shop keeps offering you tea everywhere you go.

Day 6 - Rakaposhi

Today, we take on a trek to see one of the biggest mountains in Pakistan. Over 8000m tall, Rakaposhi is known as a killer mountain due to how many people have failed to summit it. We trek to Hapakun camp to spend a night around the fire, under the stars and our team cooks you up a delicious traditional meal of the mountains.

The trek will take about 3-4 hours and pass through alpine forests and local villages. Hapakun camp, located on the way to Rakaposhi Base Camp is completely isolated in the midst of nature and you’ll see stars like never before.

Day 7 - Eagles Nest

After a home cooked breakfast at our camp with freshly baked breads, we take off for Rakaposhi Basecamp to see one of the largest glaciers in the world. Here we will take some lunch and then make our way down Rakaposhi mountain to meet our drivers who will take us onwards to Eagles Nest. 

Eagles Nest has one of the most beautiful views of all of Hunza as you can see here. The night we host a Yak (and veggie) BBQ, where you will have the chance to try local moonshine and hear traditional music played on the Rabab.

Day 8 - Attabad Lake

After a restful morning, we will make our way to the cerulean blue lake of Attabad, actually formed from a devastating landslide, it’s now a massive attraction in the area.

Enjoy a boat ride across Attabad Lake before immersing yourself in the warm hospitality of Gulkin, a small village in the heart of the Hunza Valley, as you experience a local homestay. The village welcomes you with open arms, offering a glimpse into the local way of life. Here we will live in a farmhouse with a family we are very close with.

Day 9 - Black + White Glacier

Prepare to be enchanted by the mesmerizing Ghulkin Black Glacier, a true marvel of nature. As you trek carefully across this stunning natural wonder by foot, you are greeted by an otherworldly sight. The glacier, with its ebony-hued ice, stands in stark contrast to the surrounding landscape.

Afterward, we trek onwards to visit the serene Borith Lake, a tranquil oasis nestled amidst the mountains. Its still waters reflect the towering peaks, creating a mirror-like surface that mesmerizes the beholder. Here we enjoy a chai and a dip to cool off!

Day 10 - Passu

Before the sun begins to bare down for the day we make our way to the start point of Baskochi Trek, a lesser known trek that you are rarely, if ever, find people along the way. A true hidden gem. Here you get iconic views over Attabad Lake and Ghulkin Valley

Cross the iconic Passu Bridge, a magnificent suspension bridge that stands as a symbol of engineering marvel in the Gojal Valley. As you step onto the bridge, feel the thrill of adventure course through your veins. This bridge runs almost 300 meters long and requires your full attention.

Day 11 - Naran

We make our way to Naran along the Karakoram Highway, one of the highest paved highways in the world. We cross the Babusar Pass for epic vistas before continuing our way onto Naran where you can roam the bazaars and gather any souvenirs for your special folks back home. Pick up dried fruits grown locally, try a Pakistani style cappuccino, feast on local nuts and textiles.

We enjoy a feast of BBQ before tucking in for an early night in our Naran Hotel.

Day 12 - Islamabad

We depart for Islamabad where we’ll explore the magnificent Faisal Mosque, one of the largest mosques in the world. As you stand before this architectural masterpiece, you’ll be in awe of its grandeur and magnificence. The intricate details of the mosque’s design, with its white marble and striking geometric patterns, leave you mesmerized. Gifted by the Sultanate of Saudi Arabia, it’s a true testament to modern mosque design. 

We then make a short trip to the Pakistan Monument before we feast on Afghani food and make our way to Lahore, where we’ll visit a secret underground speakeasy. Here, we raise a glass and bid our farewells ahead of flying home the following day

The Ideal Candidate

Who should come on this Trip?

  • You want to learn new things and step out of your comfort zone
  • You’re a keen trekker or ready to give it a go
  • You don’t need to be connected to the internet 24/7
  • You’re a team player and understand that plans sometimes change
  • Understanding of vast cultural differences
  • You understand you are in a developing country and infrastructure isnt like home
  • You know that hot water isn’t always available where power cuts are common

What will this cost and what is included?

Cost Per person

Total Cost: $2,700 

What's included?

Accommodation: A blend of hotels, guesthouses, camping, homestays, log cabins and more are the accommodations used for the duration of your stay in Pakistan

Traditional Food: You get three hearty meals a day to keep you going (Incl beverages). We make sure to provide enough diversity so that you try as much of a variety of local foods as possible

Transport: We got you from door to door. Between domestic flights, off-road jeeps, tour buses and other modes of transport, we have you covered at all times. 

Expert Guides: We use a mix of experienced local guides from different territories to get the best realtime info on local culture, food and politics. They are familiar with western people and ideas to make you feel at home

Translators: There are many dialects in Pakistan and we have you covered for the important ones. So you’ll never find yourself stuck in a sticky situation.

Site Fees: Various trails and sights around Pakistan require site fees but fear not, all of these are included in your trip cost

Camping Gear: If and when we need to go camping on our routes, we will provide the tents, ground mats, sleeping bags and other camping essentials to help you keep your backpack light.

Entertainment: Where available in the evenings, we will provide entertainment of local music to send you deeper into the the loving trance of Pakistan

What's Not Included?

Visa Fee: The visa fee varies depending on where you are from. Although we provide you with all the documentation required, the cost is not included

Flights: Guests join us from all over the world and so we can’t factor in the cost of flights, we recommend doing due diligence and hunting for the best value

Travel Insurance: You are fully responsible for yourself on this trip and as such, it is mandatory to have travel insurance to cover your time in Pakistan.

Vaccinations: We know this is a personal choice, so what vaccinations you get, if any, is totally at your discretion. The areas we go to are low risk for many of the usual travel vaccinations but do your own research.

Ready to reserve a spot?

Payment Schedule

Total Cost: $2,700 

Non-refundable Deposit to reserve a spot – $800

2nd Payment – $950 due July 17, 2024

Final Payment – Balance $950 due Aug 16th, 2024 

Total cost can be paid upfront if you prefer.


Cancelation Policy: 

0 (day of departure) – 21 days before the trip – Charge of 100% of trip cost 

21 – 40 days before trip – Charge of 60% of trip cost 

41 – 60 days before trip – Charge 40% of trip cost 

60+ days before the trip – Charge of 100% of non-refundable deposit

Make sure to join the prelaunch list to be the first to be notified when the trip opens for bookings. 


Pakistan is a security state and has a bad reputation. However, it’ a huge country and we only ever venture to the secure parts. We have security, proper paperwork & escorts where required

 Yes! Very safe. We have had women on all previous tours. You will need to wear a head scarf in mosques, dress conservatively.

 Public displayes of affection are frowned upon

It is illegal but we will have ways of socialising with some secret clubs and with hillside moonshine

These are common with security, police, guards and army. They’re ever used and day to day life is peaceful

Barely if ever is anything on time. They have a laid back attitude to life aswell as external factors often making it impossible to be punctual.

You can politely decline if you wish. You will get asked a lot!

We will bring you to a working ATM or exchange if you have cash. $250 spending money is plenty

No. We advise bottled water, water purification tablets in emergency and there will be safe spring water in parts of the northern territories.

We have selected the safest options available. However, take probiotics before and during to be safe. Let us know your dietary requiremens where possible and we will try to accommodate

We cap the group size at 15 people for ease of movement and safety

Not in person, but a video call and a Whatsapp group are formed beforehand

Yes, if you land early or depart a day later, we will extend accommodation for you. there will be a small charge for extra nights. If you plan to travel Pakistan more, we will help advise you.

In the event of illness or injury, we will assess/treat the within our means. Often with rest, participants can continue without a problem. If needed a porter and donkey will help the injured person to the next station where an evacuation to a hospital can be arranged for more serious incidents. In the unlikely event of a serious incident which requires urgent hospital treatment a helicopter evacuation can be requested from local authorities. The decision to evacuate is ultimately the expedition leader’s. You must respect the decisions of your expedition leader at all times. Extra costs incurred as a result of an evacuation must be paid by the participant. Your personal travel insurance must cover such eventualities.

In the event of a sudden change of weather conditions the expedition leader will assess the situation and make an informed decision on what to do. Participant safety is always the priority in the decision-making process. Our itineraries are designed taking into consideration possible bad weather. Alternative routes and contingency plans are always in place in case of adverse weather conditions. We always aim to keep to the itinerary as much as possible but please remember that this is adventure travel and changes can occur!

 On this expedition, you only need to carry a small bag with the essentials such as a spare jacket, hat, water, packed lunch, camera etc. The bulk of participant’s luggage will be in their larger bag and held in the accommodations or transport vehicle. 

Along with with William and Imran, we use local guides, cooks, drivers and support teams of the highest standard. We employ local staff based on their qualifications, experience and references. Our expedition leaders and local staff are familiar with the locations of local medical services and hospitals. What do I pack? – We will outline a more details trip info pack once you are confirming your place on the trip. This includes some trip tips, packing list and other must-know details.

Can't come?

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