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Paige Tingey is a professional Landscape and Travel photographer. She specializes in capturing unique places around the world with the goal of making others feel like they are there, breathing the air, seeing the view, and experiencing it alongside her. As all humans, she has an innate desire to create beautiful and captivating art. Sharing this art is her way of being vulnerable and showing others how she sees the world.

“I began my journey as a photographer while living in San Francisco. I had a very successful career working in tech but was feeling a creative gap. I started traveling on weekends and doing photography as a passion on the side.

After getting featured in magazines, being asked to have my work represent some of the most prestigious brands in the photography and outdoor spaces, and growing a strong following through social media, I decided it was time to leave my job and pursue my passion.

I’m not only creative. Thanks to my career working in consumer tech prior to my years as photographer, I have a strong sense of content creation, how to engage an audience, understanding business priorities, and how to drive business outcomes through socials, website, and advertising. Being a strategic partner is one of the things that has set me apart from others in my field.

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What Can You Expect?

Digital Story Telling

I capture experiences that resonate with your audience. We want viewers to see themselves in that place, using that gear, having that experience!

You will see your brand travel to incredible placese and look amazing in every day life. I will help you connect with your audience through showing them the vision we create together.

High Quality Content

The quality of my work reflects on my partners. The photos you receive will be the highest quality. With a 64 megapixel camera, the photos can be enlarged without sacrificing any quality. 

My work has ben featured in magazines, used on websites, and has been enlarged to over 60″ for large scale prints. 

Creative/Inspiring Photography

I specialized in capturing photographs that will surprise and captivate your audience. I have a genuine love for our incredible planet and can add my style to compliment your brand. 

Whether the goal is to capture human interactions, show off a beautiful space, or to show intricate details of a product, I work with you to get a wide variety of content.

Lasting Partnership

It’s important to narrow in on goals for your content and understand what sort of content you might need for different purposes. Theses are all questions we can work on together.

Many of the Brands I’ve worked with have resulted in longterm relationships and multiple projects. Let’s get to know each other and create a meaningful partnership!

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