About Paige

Paige Tingey is a professional Landscape and Travel photographer. She specializes in capturing unique places around the world with the goal of making others feel like they are there, breathing the air, seeing the view, and experiencing it alongside her. As all humans, she has an innate desire to create beautiful and captivating art. Sharing this art is her way of being vulnerable and showing others how she sees the world.

I began my journey as a photographer while living in San Francisco. I started bringing my camera with me everywhere, and found that it gave me a new appreciation for the world around me.

After getting featured in magazines, seeing my work represent some of the most prestigious brands in the photography and outdoor space, and growing a strong following through social media, I decided to leave my successful career in the corporate world.

I’m not only creative. Through my career working in technology prior to my years as photographer, I have a strong sense of content creation, how to engage an audience, understanding business priorities, and how to drive business outcomes through socials, website, and advertising. Being a strategic partner is one of the things that has set me apart from others in my field.

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Through this journey, I’ve been fortunate to work with amazing brands such as Adobe Creative Cloud, Columbia, MGM, Royal Caribbean, 5-Hour Energy, RTIC, NordVPN, and many others.

Most Common Services:

Image licensing for website photos and marketing content: I work with the marketing team to understand their content goals. I will then capture photos or create video clips with a custom focus to drive the desired outcome.

Social Media Content: Videos, Static Photo Posts, and White Label Advertising. I only partner with brands that align with my audience to ensure the content provides high value to both the brand and my followers. Being selective is something the brands I work with appreciate and also helps my followers feel the authenticity when I do promote.

Static Content: Blogs are currently one of the most valuable forms of content which is why I offer this service as well. I have options to be mentioned in a travel/review blog or options for focused blogs on products, experiences, or stays. These blogs will be shared out to my email list, social media followers, and have SEO to ensure they rank on google searches.

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